Agency Administration

Well-qualified staff in the right positions produce cost-effective administration. Gray-Bowen-Scott has been providing such valuable agency administration for several transportation agencies around the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We are well-versed in staffing small agencies and providing extension of staff services to larger agencies.

Since 2010, Gray-Bowen-Scott has staffed the Emeryville Transportation Management Association (ETMA). With guidance from the ETMA Board of Directors, we provide the Executive Director, Finance & Operations Director, and supporting services to run the day-to-day operations and coordinate with the public. The result: the Emery-Go-Round, a free signature transit service currently transporting over 1.5 million passengers a year. In 2013, the ETMA was featured in a “last-mile” commute to work series on National Public Radio (NPR). Information regarding the Emery Go-Round and the ETMA can be found at:

In 2013, Gray-Bowen-Scott was hired to staff the newly formed Mountain View Transportation Agency (MTMA), providing services similar to those we have provided for ETMA. The Board of Directors of this new agency is charged to implement transportation demand management (TDM) services for its members. Our institutional knowledge is utilized to perform the services necessary to set up the agency's policies and procedures, Board of Director protocol, operations management, and financial management. The agency's website is currently in development.

Since the late 1980's, Gray-Bowen-Scott has been providing agency administration services for various entities. We managed Contra Costa County's Geologic Abatement Districts to address areas at risk for landslides. In addition, we have provided administration services to nearly every Bay Area Self-Help County Transportation Agency and County Congestion Management Agency, helping them achieve their objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.


  • Emeryville Transportation Management Association (ETMA)
  • Mountain View Transportation Management Association (MTMA)
  • Contra Costa County Geologic Abatement District (GADS)

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