Carlin Gill

Carlin brings more than twenty-five years of finance, accounting, human resources, and general management experience to the Gray-Bowen-Scott team. She's served as the Chief Financial Officer of several science, engineering, and technology firms ranging in size from small start-ups to publicly-traded, multi-national corporations. In addition to her finance and accounting expertise, she brings hands-on experience in contracts management, operations management, general business administration, and quality assurance. Early in her career, she worked as a Certified Public Accountant.

Carlin strives to continuously improve business efficiency at Gray-Bowen-Scott so that our engineers and project professionals can focus 100% of their attention on providing innovative solutions to our clients. Carlin believes, "ultimately the job of every employee at Gray-Bowen-Scott is to delight our customers; the best thing I can do to make that happen is to streamline our business processes so that our staff can concentrate on the job at hand."