Erika McCulloch
Office Manager
Erika McCulloch is the Office Manager for Gray-Bowen-Scott and brings over twenty years of office administration experience to the company. Erika has worked in both the corporate world and small businesses alike, in operations support and Project Management roles. Today, Erika's responsibilities encompass many aspects of our business including the day-to-day operations and management of the office, financial planning and management, HR, facilities management, and IT liaison. Erika is a master of mulit-tasking with a smile on her face. Her calm demeanor and sound judgment allow the rest of the team to function efficiently. She enjoys working at Gray-Bowen-Scott because “the camaraderie, dedication and pride shared by the team is unique and motivating.” Plus, Erika says, “It's such a thrill to see the hard work of our team realized in delivered projects!”