Getting your transportation project built or managing a transportation agency means navigating a maze of challenges. Without a firm understanding of the policies, funding and politics involved, your effort can languish. The principals at Gray-Bowen-Scott bring decades of expertise in engineering, administration, policy and strategic project management to their clients. We bring projects and programs to fruition.

Working with Gray-Bowen-Scott gives you access to:

Win/Win Solutions

A project or program's stakeholders can range from environmental groups to business communities to local, State and Federal officials. With a focus on collaboration and a deep understanding of the various organizational cultures, we synthesize solutions that satisfy everyone's core needs while moving the project or program forward.

Strategic Relationships

Our principals have spent decades successfully working with a variety of public agencies, from Caltrans, the California Transportation Commission, and BART to all levels of local government. We have built a solid reputation for using trust, respect and an insider's insight of the process to help get decisions made for our clients.


Don't let your project or program dry up due to lack of funding. Our principals can guide you through a range of local, state and federal sources of funding, from earmarks to sales tax initiatives.

Anticipating Challenges

Missing a deadline can cost you federal funding. From environmental regulations to right of way easements, we understand the legal requirements and the complex permitting process. We even solve challenges that arise in the 11th hour.

Has your project run into a roadblock?
Are you still in the planning stages of development? Whatever challenge your transportation or infrastructure project faces, we can help you achieve a successful outcome. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.