Leo Scott

“The successful blending of technology and the highway makes it possible to optimize the use of limited resources for commuters,” says Leo, whose transportation projects continue to have a positive impact on commuters throughout the Bay Area. The California Transportation Foundation recognized this benefit, awarding the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's 237 Express Lanes Project its “Project of the Year” Award in May 2013. Leo's role as the Project Manager for this successful project was a key component to its success. His delivery of the I-680 Express Lane over Sunol Grade led to success with the 237 Express Lanes, which now serve as a foundation for MTC's Phase I Express Lanes Project, which Leo is currently leading through preliminary engineering and environmental clearance.

Delivering and managing multi-funded highway projects requires more than an engineer's insight into the inter-relationship between technology and design. “It's not just about building a road, but getting a diverse set of people to make good, timely decisions.” Prior to joining Gray-Bowen-Scott, Leo spent 16 years at Caltrans delivering multi-funded projects and coordinating solutions among a variety of local, state and federal agencies.

“I'm motivated to make things and organizations work as optimally as possible,” says Leo. “Whether you're maximizing what you do with a road or establishing an efficient decision-making organization for project delivery, I enjoy helping people do things better. Helping shape collaborative project teams and organizations is as enjoyable as making a smart road.”