Nam Nguyen
Project Specialist

For over 30 years, while Nam was a Senior Caltrans Local Assistance Engineer, he assisted Local and Regional Agencies in meeting Federal and State specific program requirements. In his capacity as a Caltrans Local Assistance Engineer, Nam worked closely with Cities, Counties, Special Districts, their consultants, other units within the District as well as Headquarters to obligate Federal and State funds, processed their project funding applications as well as reimbursement requests, then working with these agencies to close out their projects.

With Nam's experience with Caltrans, he is very effective in helping GBS clients maximize their Federal and State grants and ensure their project submittals to Caltrans Local Assistance are comprehensive and complete.

In the earlier part of his career, Nam was involved in developing agreements between Caltrans and Local Governments such as Maintenance and Co-operative Agreements. He also has project development, design and construction experience on projects such as I- 580 and I- 780.

Nam is a licensed Professional Engineer with a BSCE from University of Cincinnati.