Permits and Approvals

Proper authorization is needed to complete any project, whether it's approval of funds to cover the cost or permission to work on another's property. Gray-Bowen-Scott has made the securing and maintaining of project authorizations a cornerstone of our business for the last three decades!

Bill Gray's first project as consultant to the Santa Clara Traffic Authority (SCTA) required him to secure permission from Caltrans for the SCTA to perform its own engineering work for projects in the State's Right of Way. He succeeded, and now 18 other Self-Help Counties around the State are able to develop and construct their own projects on State highways.

A recent project in Yountville was in danger of losing its sole source of federal stimulus funding via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The client approached Terry Bowen for assistance, and she was able to help them reach 11th hour resolution with Caltrans on several environmental and design issues that had previously stalled the project.

Gray-Bowen-Scott's permit and approval experience has made us acutely aware that starting and keeping your project on schedule can make a big difference on your budget, especially when it requires meeting the requirements of a Federal or State grant. The relevant authorizations take multiple forms - from E-76s for federal funds to encroachment permits to perform work within the State's right of way. Working in a time-sensitive environment, we have helped public agencies and private sector clients secure both authorizations and encroachment permits.

Our success is attributed to our understanding of the complexities of the Caltrans process and requirements and to our ability to get an issue to the appropriate decision-makers in a timely fashion. We've done this for mega projects such as the SR 4 Corridor in Contra Costa and the SR 237 HOV/HOT lanes in Santa Clara County, as well as for trails such as Belmont's US 101 Bike Pedestrian Overcrossing and left turn pockets for Napa Valley wineries.

“Gray-Bowen-Scott has proven experience in project management and Systems Engineering on projects such as the Bay Area Express Lanes project, the I-880/SR237 Interchange and the City of Berkeley's goBerkeley parking pilot. They excel at coordinating the needs of their clients and requirements of FHWA/Caltrans to deliver projects.”

-- Christine Daniel, City Manager, City of Berkeley


  • Belmont US 101 Bike Pedestrian Overcrossing
  • Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) SR 4 Widening

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