Program and Project Management

Gray-Bowen-Scott clients have one goal in common - they want their programs and projects DELIVERED. And that is what we have done for over 30 years!

Recently we managed the successful implementation of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority's SR 237 Express Lanes in Santa Clara County, which was honored as the California Transportation Foundation's 2013 Project of the Year. We have directly managed the Contra Costa Transportation Authority's (CCTA's) SR4 Widening Project to the successful construction of four large contract packages. And we helped the CCTA deliver its original ½ cent sales tax Measure C Program and several of its current Measure J Programs.

To achieve such sustained success, Gray-Bowen-Scott has provided leadership to our clients by understanding and valuing their needs, formulating intelligent strategies, and applying years of highway delivery experience and knowledge to proactively manage scope, costs and schedules in order to overcome the unique challenges facing every project. We view our relationships and our initiative as the keys to our success.

We have established a strong set of delivery partners throughout our history. Years of win-win projects have enabled us to form close working relationships with Caltrans, the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC), and many other partners in the local agency and consultant communities. These high-trust relationships make it possible for us to solve even the most contentious of issues among project stakeholders and members of the public. They also make it possible to expedite the delivery without “running people over.”

When we engage in a project, we initiate! We initiate discussions with the client to understand their vision and critical aspects of the project or program. We find a way to lend our strength to the client's team. We collaboratively strategize a plan of action and then work diligently on its successful execution. We don't stand back, we jump in and make decisions that deliver.

“Bill and his team at Gray-Bowen-Scott are a great resource to anyone with a transportation project delivery issue. Involvement of Gray-Bowen-Scott in any project will help assure the successful delivery of it.”

-- Bijan Sartipi, Director, Caltrans District 4


  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Express Lanes
  • Caldecott Tunnel 4th Bore
  • Santa Clara Valley Transportation Agency 237 Express Lanes
  • 680 Express Lanes over Sunol Grade

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