William Gray

For over 30 years, Bill Gray has helped clients drive complex transportation projects from concept through completion. He has become known for his ability to create politically and economically viable solutions that satisfy the needs of a variety of stakeholders. Bill is often called upon by local, state and federal elected and appointed officials. He advises and assists them on a wide range of funding solutions and stakeholder partnerships.

Solving a complex infrastructure development means working with a myriad of local and federal agencies; you have to know how to finesse the details while still looking at the big picture. “We're engineers - we can look at plans and know if it's good or bad,” says Bill. “But, in addition to ensuring that the design is effective, we focus on solving the political, institutional and funding issues.”

Prior to founding Gray-Bowen-Scott, Bill was Chief Deputy to the Director of Contra Costa Public Works Department. Extensive knowledge of political and institutional requirements means that Bill anticipates and solves complex challenges. “If you're frustrated or confused,” says Bill, “we'll help you navigate through the system. Don't lose the money because of missed deadlines. We'll help you get extensions, get approval, get it built.”