City of San Mateo 25th Avenue Grade Separation

28th and 31st avenues, San Mateo, CA

City of San Mateo 25th Avenue Grade Separation 1The City of San Mateo initiated the 25th Avenue Grade Separation project to improve the quality of life for the residents of San Mateo by addressing train noise and traffic safety, and to decrease traffic congestion at 25th Avenue. The project enhances east-west connectivity in San Mateo by creating new through roads at 28th and 31st Avenues.  Grade separation eliminates the stopping of vehicles while crossing the road, allowing uninterrupted traffic flow, thereby improving travel times and safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists.  When complete, the project will create better safety access for emergency vehicles, provide alternative east-west traffic options and support Caltrain electrification, which will help reduce noise and vibration.  The project will create a new Hillsdale Station that will feature updated amenities and a center-boarding platform for travelers.

The City engaged Gray-Bowen-Scott to direct the development of a funding plan to secure the additional $120M in funds needed to complete the $160M project, as well as to lead the strategic effort to identify and engage project stakeholders.  Through our extensive experience in the program and project development processes required by FHWA, FTA, and Caltrans, our team successfully developed a technically feasible and politically acceptable solution to the City’s funding shortfall.  Today, the 25th Avenue Grade Separate project is fully funded and on track for delivery in early 2021.

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