No matter how ambitious, all transportation initiatives start off as an idea. Whether widening a state highway, relocating an on-ramp, creating a toll road, or initiating and operating transit systems, you will need to navigate this idea through a complex series of political, policy, funding, and design challenges. 

With decades of public and private sector engineering, administration and land development expertise, the team at Gray-Bowen-Scott have helped public and private sector clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California transform transportation ideas into reality.



Whatever the need, Gray-Bowen-Scott has a track record of developing successful strategies that secure funds to get projects built.


Permits &

Our success is attributed to our understanding of the complexities of the Caltrans process and requirements, and to our ability to get an issue to the appropriate decision-makers in a timely manner.


Agency Administration

Well-qualified staff in the right positions produce cost-effective administration. Gray-Bowen-Scott is well-versed in staffing small agencies and providing extension of staff services to larger agencies.


Program & Project Management

Gray-Bowen-Scott provides leadership to our clients, applying decades of delivery experience and knowledge to proactively manage scope, costs, and schedules to overcome the unique challenges facing every project.

Regardless of the scope or magnitude of the project or program, we have demonstrated the ability to assist our clients and to resolve critical delivery issues in a timely fashion to get their important programs and projects DELIVERED.

GBS Projects

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All transportation initiatives start off as an idea. We help transform that idea into reality. Contact us today for a free consultation.