ETMA: Emery Go-Round

Various locations throughout the City of Emeryville

Emery Go-Round is a free shuttle service of the Emeryville Transportation Management Association (ETMA), a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors, whose primary objective is to increase access and mobility to, from and within the City of Emeryville and the MacArthur BART Station. This alleviates congestion of the local streets through operation of the free shuttle program.

Appointed by the ETMA Board, Gray-Bowen-Scott serves as the Executive Director of the shuttle service and delivers agency administration and financial management functions according to the ETMA’s bylaws and administrative policies. Working with the Board of Directors, the Gray-Bowen-Scott team has led the organization to become one of the most efficiently operated transit systems, serving over 1.3 Million passengers annually and ranking among the top 3 most cost-effective transit services in the Bay Area.

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